Thursday, January 20, 2011

Back to My Blog

Ok, I'm back to blogging now. It's been a while too many things happened since then, just happy now that it's back to normal and I can do whatever I want during my free time. Yes I finally have freetime! No more crazy reviewing on any notes from my job training and besides my son is getting big so he doesn't need much attention compare to before. Oh, I take that back he still need much As I am writing this blog he is currently calling me to pick up his toy that fell behind the couch. How old is he?,, he is 3 years old going on 18 hahaha. A little man that talks like an adult. As of now I think my family is really adjusting well from me being gone 4 days a week flying international. I am excited for tomorrow coz maybe (flying standby) for the first they will be on my flight to see my mom and brothers back home. Still crossing my finger but the load looks good so I am really hoping they can get on.

It's now 2:33 in the afternoon Hawaii time and I better get my ars of this computer to do some stuff around the laterz ♣

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