Monday, March 28, 2011

Earth Hour

Last night me and my son celebrated the "Earth Hour" all lights were off at exactly 8:30 pm in our house to participate in the global earth hour. My husband had to brush his teeth in the bathroom with just a candle. My son just loved it! He gets to hold the light for a little bit as I snap a picture for souvenir. My husband went to sleep right away so it was just me and my son giggling and laughing with just a candle lit up in our room. I thought him little something about the earth and our galaxy. I know he's a little too young but he loved the info and now he is aware of what is earth atleast (lol).I'm happy that my family were able to help a little bit. I think I just had fun playing with my son. I missed him after being gone for 4 days and the earth hour is the perfect timing to make it a little special. ♥

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