Sunday, December 7, 2008

Sexy Notebook

I'm not much of a car person, I know people spend tons of money to customized their cars which is good for them. Whatever floats their boat right?. As for me I'm more a gadget person I have more desire to get those itty bitty things for example cellphones, I make sure that my phone is always updated. I've had lots of phones that has really cool features. You can also call me a computer I spend lots of time on the computer trying to figure out programs or complete a cool projects. I get that satisfaction feeling. So speaking of computer, I just want to put out a review to one of the sony's laptop. Finding a review to a product that you want to purchase is really important. You don't want to just put out any amount of dollars and to find out that you bought a crappy product. Unless you have a lot of money and you can afford to buy things anytime you want =)

So anyway when I was searching for a product review for this particular model, I couldn't find any although a similar product review helped.


First of all I love the pink color and the stylish look. It kinda resemble the mac notebook. The features are also great.

~XBRITE-ECO LCD technology for brilliant color and definition the screen looks good at any angle.
~Built- in web cam for video chatting with friends
~Burn and play your favorite Cd's and DVD's
~ It also comes in with pink case, mouse and mouse pad

Those are just few examples of more great features, the only things is....the battery life doesn't last that long. It says 4 hours but it depends on what you're doing so just keep it plug in!

Other than that I really have no problem with my new notebook. I love it so much and I think that the price is not bad for all the features that it has. I call it my sexy

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