Friday, January 30, 2009

Featured Etsy Artist


I started out just a normal starving college kid, making string friendship bracelets to buy my next meal. But once you enter the world of jewelry, there is no way out. Before I new it I was buying more beads. And more... Then someone sold me my first gemstones. I was hooked. Then I was introduced to a diamond setter (the best they said). I began designing and creating dream pieces for my clients and my diamond setter would "make it happen". But when my husband was diagnosed with cancer, my jewelry business came to a screeching halt. I took care of him for the next few years. His untimely death left me with 3 small children to feed. I decided I would start up the jewelry business again, but this time it was sink or swim. I contacted my diamond setter and we began working hard together... and talking... turns out he was single... Out of the darkest time of my life a new rose sprung up. This last July, we were married. Now, together, we have joined forces to bring you everything you can imagine in the world of gemstones. To see some of our work, please visit our other Etsy shop:

Enjoy, and welcome to the fabulous, colorful world of gemstones.

Showing on the right side are the gemstones available in her etsy store. From the top is fancy cut oval Yellow Topaz, Light blue Jade gemstones and Columbian Emerald gemstone. Please visit her gemstones shop at...

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