Monday, March 30, 2009

Tough Times

As we go on with our journey we both know that there is going to be an easy time and hard time. Easy times are easily forgotten when the hard times comes along for it bruises and damage the relationship big time. Time for reality check without these hard times your relationship will prove nothing.

Now the question is until when can you endure these hard times? For as long as there is still love and both are willing to work things out. It won't hurt to ask yourself a questions and know exactly what you want. Communication and honesty plays a big role, by communicating and being honest to yourself and to each other is the key to make things a little easier when tough times comes around.

You may encounter people that will make you feel bad or awkward about what happened between you and your behalf but all I can say is "don't be bother by them". I'm not bother by them because I know what is the real truth between us and I know that we both don't care about them. One thing we can do when we are around them is just to be civil and that's it. Family is there, yes, but in the relationship there is no one else but the two of you.

I am not one to give a great advice the things I just mentioned are the things that I’ve learned and still learning throughout my journey in my own relationship.

We are both trying to get pass this bumpy road and I am sure that by the end of this, there will be a fruitful beginning.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Warrior is a Child

I just wanted to share this great song to everyone. Please play the video on the bottom of my blog site and here is the lyrics. You can stop playing my blog muzik anytime for you to enjoy the video. It's located at the bottom right. Enjoy =)

The Warrior is a Child
By: Gary Valenciano
Lately I've been winning battles left and rightBut even winners can get wounded in the fightPeople say that I'm amazingStrong beyond my yearsBut they don't see inside of meI'm hiding all the tears
They don't know that I go running home when I fall downThey don't know who picks me up when no one is aroundI drop my sword and cry for just a while'Cause deep inside this armorThe warrior is a child
Unafraid because His armor is the bestBut even soldiers need a quiet place to restPeople say that I'm amazingNever face retreatBut they don't see the enemiesThat lay me at His feet
They don't know that I go running home when I fall downThey don't know who picks me up when no one is around I drop my sword and and cry for just a while 'Cause deep inside this armor the warrior is a child
They don't know that I go running home when I fall downThey don't know who picks me up when no one is aroundI drop my sword and look up for a smile 'Cause deep inside this armorDeep inside this armorDeep inside this armorThe Warrior is a Child

Monday, March 16, 2009

Love Something???

Love Something from my shop? Make me an Offer just convo/msg me. I will do a FREE SHIPPING + FREE GIFT. This promo is until March 18, 2009 Wednesday.
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Disclamer: Both seller and buyer has to agree on the price before proceeding to an actual transaction.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Im Proud to be Featured in Etsy Treasury

It was a great surprise for me! I didn't even know that my item got featured in the treasury. I was so excited when I found out. I didn't see the actual one but the image above is what's left on her treasury. I thank VKnO for including my item on her greatest treasury collection. It just happened that I google my own shop and this is what I found. Things you found when you are bored huh?
What exactly is Etsy Treasury? It's a collection of handpicked items by etsy members. I tell you, it is not easy to get in there. You have to wait till the number go down because so much posting is happening that is why I don't have the patience to do that. I tried a couple of times but I wasn't successful and just gave up..hahaha

I was just lucky that someone picked my item and I am very happy and thankful for it =)

I relisted the item and still available in my shop =)
Item Name: Carnelian Necklace
In return to VKnO here is her shop incase u want to buy something from her.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Angels through this Tough Times

Everyone knows that it's tough everywhere. It breaks my heart when I see all those sad stories on the news specially when it involve children, but when there is sad stories there is also a happy one. The good side of this tough times is people are reconnecting to each other and helping one another. Like this restaurant somewhere in the mainland that only accepts donation or they let people work for their food. Some dont mind to pay a little more just to help to keep the place open.

As for me, I am thankful each day for all the blessings that God gave me. I have a great family and we are all in good health. That is why I take this opportunity to help others when I know I can.

This morning when i saw the thread about Christie Cottage that she is ill, my initial reaction is to help and hope that she gets better. I don't personally know her and I think we met in Etsy chatroom several times before but I'm not sure if she remember. So everyone I am asking for you're help and support Christie of ChristieCottage she is ill and she doesn't have insurance.

25% off my sales will proceeds to her

and see the the forum thread if you have an etsy shop and would like to help

We are asking for your prayers and help in any possible ways. In behalf of my fellow etsian we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. =)

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Homemade Facial Mask

I used to be in the pageant and all that beauty contest back home. This is one of the secret I've learned from all those experience and I want to share it to everyone who agree and wants to try it. Egg white is the best facial mask, yes you've heard it right. This may sounds weird but this method is very effective. If you are wondering if there is any smell, there is none. Here's what you have to do.

After washing your face thoroughly beat the egg white until it is frothy and just apply it on your face and neck and leave it for 15 minutes then rinse with luke warm water. You can also add baby powder on the egg white before you put it on your face. That's just what I usually do but you can make the recipe even fancier.

For oily skin you can use a plain milk, rub it on and leave it dry for 15 minutes then rinse. It absorbs oil wonderfully!

Also here are some of the fancier recipe I found. Never try them yet but I will =)

For Normal/combination skin mix one egg and 1/2 cup cooked instant oatmeal and a teaspoon olive oil until smooth. Spread on your face and leave 15 min then rinse. I never tried this but it sounds good.

For dry skin, mix one egg yolk, one teaspoon honey and a teaspoon olive oil and some vitamin E oil if you have it. Smooth on and leave on for 15 min. , rinse in lukewarm water and pat dry.

Have fun if you are goin to try it. Trust me your face will feel clean and tight after doing this, you will feel like all the wrinkles are gone!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

February Contest Winner!

I would like to congratulate my February Contest Winner equivoque she won the contest on my blog tittle " Give a Heart on this Love Month". I also would like to thank all the people who participated. Thank you for taking your time on visiting my blog as well as my etsy shop. I am sorry for the delayed of this announcement due to some circumtances.

Again congratulations to
equivoque and thank you for participating. There will be more contest to come so everyone will have a chance to win great prices. So just watch out for it! =)

Now it's time for me to notify our winner =)

Thank's a bunch,
~donna ^_~

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