Friday, March 18, 2011

Which Eyelash Do You Prefer?

Want tips on how to have beautiful long eyelashes???

Nowadays it is not impossible to get what you want when it comes to beauty. It's just a matter of choice which one suits you best. Talking about eyelashes you can either choose a nice mascara that will make that magic to you, go to the salon to have an eyelash extension done or a fake eyelashes to finish your look.

As for me I use both mascara and fake eyelashes, it just depends of my mood which one I feel like using. There are some occasion that I used them both at the same time. To get the a good long eyelash using mascara I use the one that has a primer, just be careful in choosing a brand because some of it just gives you a clumpy eyelashes. I personally use L'Oreal brand or if I am really lazy enough Maybeline Stilletto Red works for me. I think the red one is waterproof.

Now for the fake eyelashes I don't use those expensive brands. Many times I just buy my eyelashes at this asian store for .99 cents and when I tell people that, they think it's from MAC. I think the real key is find one that suits your style and the size of your eyes. The reason is there are eyelash that is just too long and I'm sure you've seen some bizzare looking ones. I try to look for the most natural looking and if I really can't find the right length for me I settle for the right style and I just cut the ends so that I don't have extras hanging off the side of my eyes. When I say size I am referring to the length of your eyes not the eyelash. Hope you guys know what I mean ^_~...By the way the brand I use is "cherry" those are the cheap ones that you can find that has same quality as the expensive ones.

Ok here is the questions I know plenty people ask me. How do you get it on? and Does it last all day without falling off? I say..Oh yes! The real secret is having a good adhesive or glue. When I started using eyelashes that was my biggest frustration too. I just kept trying products till I found one that works really good. I use a dark tone glue DUO brand for my eyelash adhesive. I promise mines last from day to night! One more thing for more natural look I also use those individual eyelash. This is the occasion when I use the mascara then after I put those single eyelashes in between my real ones. It takes sometime to learn on how to put it on but trust me once you learn you'll be proud of yourself. I won't lie it just takes some time.

As for the eyelash extension, I've also tried it I would say I liked it the first week but when it started falling off I thought it was so awful. As it fall off my real eyelash falls off too. That was scary for me and I didn't like it when the extension was poking my eyes. One day I went to the mall and I saw this girl who was working in my favorite shop and I thought " I wish I could wear those fake eyelashes instead of what I have" My point is atleast with putting on the eyelashes yourself you are more in control. Again it's all about your personal prefference.


  1. I so agree- love the right eye- so not like it when eyelashes are scary long!



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