Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Winter ball attire?

Got a problem with your winter ball attire? Most people really gets confuse on what to wear especially for those who are first timer. I haven't been in a winter ball ( I know sad right? ) I dont get to wear those lavish dresses but I have helped a lot of girls or women find their outfits for the occasion. The secret is finding the right fit! Sure you love the design but not too comfortable, you love the color but the style doesn't do anything to you or it could be vise versa. Get an honest opinion from the person who is helping you in the store, many people think that those sales person just want to get you out of there and get the sale done. Trust me they know what their doing. Use your own judgement if you think that the person is really being sincere then go for it.

For me, I like to recommend this dress on the right side. It compliments most of the body type and the fabric is really great (jersey fabric) simple yet stunning.

Now the next question is long or short dress?

Well I think that it really depends on your event. If it says Formal (black tie attire) then I suggest a long dress and dont be scared to wear color, assume that everyone there is probably be wearing black dresses. If you pick a short dress that's ok too as long as its dressy enough for the occasion. I have some girls picked a short dress for their winter ball for the reason of they want to wear it again or they want to be comfortable for the night.
All in all just don't think too much just relax and think that you are goin' to find that right dress. You become overwhelm if you think too much and you will just end up settling for the dress that may not even the right one for you. So ask your best buddy to go dress hunting for you before your time runs out and don't forget to have fun!

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