Sunday, November 9, 2008

Hot Chocolate LoVer

Are you a hot cocoa lover? Do you love dark chocolate?

I wouldn't say that I am a hot cocoa lover, occasionally I crave for it but I am definitely a dark chocolate lover. Lately though I've been drinking hot cocoa, just craving the taste. So everyday before I go to work I been stopping by at starbucks for a hot chocolate. It is very good but $3.82 a day sometimes I go there twice and it depends if I decided to buy the venti size. I tried to not drink so much of the coffee, i feel like it makes me shaky sometimes. That's also one of the reason why I substitute hot chocolate. Another reason is its in season (winter season), maybe not so much in hawaii as far as the cold weather...ok whatver the reason I am just in a hot chocolate craziness right now.

Anyway so if you love hot cocoa and love dark chocolate... I recommend this new one from godiva. It's really good and love the blend of the dark chocolate!


  1. I lvoe chocolate ,Godiova is my favorite chocolate place.I would love to be featured on your blog:0)

  2. I love you cards... Thank you for lwavin a comment


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