Thursday, February 12, 2009

Chocolate is Good for You!

Now chocolate is more than just a treat. New studies shows that chocolate and its key ingredient, cocoa have some major health benefits. In its purest form, chocolate can lower blood pressure, help muscles recover from exercise, improve skin, provide antioxidants and even give us a thrill that rivals a passionate kiss.

However some (i will call them) health expert warns that this isn't license to binge. Dark chocolate is the best (which I love) but the kinds that has most health benefits---- has around 400 calories and if the bar has any nuts or caramel on it, it'll cost you more calorie-wise =)

Another german research study showed that a woman who drank a half a cup of enriched cocoa everyday for three months developed skin that was smoother and had more moisture. Furthermore, the women's skin was less scaly and red after it was exposed to ultraviolet light.

Isn't that great!? Well except for the calorie-wise.

The best thing to do is savor a small piece of a really good chocolate and enjoy. ^_~


  1. I enjoyed this post. But did you realize that the calories aren't really a problem either? Calories are afraid of heights, so if you keep your chocolate on top of your fridge, they will jump out, making your chocolate 'calorie free'. LOL Just thought I'd give your readers a laugh.

  2. Oh yes I believe anything that is natural and tastes good must be good for u!...kayz tee hee...


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